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TABATA/CARDIO: Tabata Cardio is a fun way to get your weekly cardio requirements in with intervals of work and rest! Get off the treadmill and elliptical! This 50 minute group fitness class will raise your heart rate and make you sweat.

ENDURE: Endure is designed to build your muscle endurance. This 45 minute group fitness class utilizes light weights at high rep counts.

A consistent yoga practice can result in numerous physical, mental & emotional benefits including a decrease in stress/anxiety & an increased in muscle tone & mobility whle living a more mindful lifestyle.

VINYASA YOGA: By synchronizing breath with movement, students can expect a dynamic flowing yoga practice to build strength, flexibility & mindfulness.

YIN YANG YOGA: Yin Yang yoga blends vinyasa style with the slower deep muscle stretch of a yin practice.

GENTLE YOGA: Gentle yoga is a slower paced class that is a great place for beginners or anyone wanting to slow down from our face-paced world.

BASIC/ATHLETIC YOGA STRETCH: Both offerings provide a full body stretch-increasing flexibility & functional movement.Optimal for beginners, athletes or anyone wanting to improve mobility or have a recovery day.